Island New Democrat Leadership Package

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Thank you for registering

Welcome and thank you for considering running for leadership of the Island New Democrats.

The NDP PEI has rules which govern the candidate process. Any individual interested in seeking the nomination to represent the NDP PEI as leader must complete and sign several forms. The NDP PEI Leadership Search Committee will then determine the individual’s eligibility to seek nomination as a leadership candidate.

This package contains three parts which must be completed and signed by anyone interested in seeking nomination:

  • Declaration of Candidate Responsibilities
  • NDP Membership List Confidentiality Agreement
  • Personal Disclosure Questionnaire

Once signed, the Personal Disclosure Questionnaire will be considered confidential, and only reviewed or discussed by the NDP PEI Leadership Search Committee.

All three parts are to be signed and submitted electronically through this web page to the Provincial Secretary. If you require other accomodations to submit your information, please let us know at with the subject heading "leader package" and we will make other arrangements.

Many thanks.

Key dates in 2021

  • Deadline for registration - September 10, 2021
  • Vetting deadline - September 24
  • 1st leader candidate debate - TBD
  • 2nd leader candidate debate - TBD
  • Leadership convention - November 6, 2021

Party Policy and the Role of the leader

A fundamental principle of the Prince Edward Island New Democratic Party is that our policies are determined by the Party’s membership as a whole at open and democratic conventions. These policies are binding on all Party members from the Leader to the constituency activist. While internal discussion and debate are encouraged, it is understood that, until a policy is amended or deleted by convention, it remains Party policy.

The leader is the lead spokespersons for the Party, representing our views to all Islanders, through the media and public forums and debates. It is important that all other party representatives, including the Leader and volunteers are consistent in representing the Party’s position publicly on issues.

Leadership Candidate Rules

  • Each leadership candidate must be a member in good standing of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island
  • A leadership candidate must have the nomination endorsement of a minimum of 25 members in good standing of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island.
  • Each candidate must meet all requirements for registration by September 11.
  • Maximum expenditure for each leadership campaign is limited to $5,000.
  • The New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island provincial executive reserves the right
    to decline registration of a candidate application, and the right to disqualify a registered
    candidate if the applying candidate, or the register candidate fails to reflect the values of the Party.

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