Health Care is So Much More

Pharmacist holding medicine box and capsule pack in pharmacy drugstore.

When asked, one issue Canadians often cite as being incredibly important is health care. New Democrats have been key advocates since before Medicare existed.

Islanders are experiencing unprecedented waits and lack of support for their health. A properly funded system is crucial.

This doesn’t stop at Medicare though. Islanders are paying record amounts for medications, dental work and vision care. A true Medicare system includes all parts of human helath.

Health over Profit

Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed an unjust treatment towards workers by choosing profit over the health and safety of Islanders. Many employees who didn’t have a union to support were expected to continue working.

Islanders need to be assured that they’re able to stay at home when ill. Sick days keep Islanders well, while protecting the spread of illness to our community.

Migrant Workers Build a Better PEI

Currently migrant workers require a minimum of a 183 day work permit to receive medicare. Many of these workers contracts are under that minimum. This is 100% unjust. As a community we must provide medicare on day 1 for these workers.

First and foremost this looks after these individuals, but secondly, it helps the farms they work on. In lieu immediate medicare, that cost is put onto the farm owners.

Full medicare, sick days, and just human decency. It’s all part of building a better community.

Our seniors

In the last two years we’ve witnessed the severe lack of accountability for our long-term care facilities. In addition to our expanded health care services, we believe an Island-wide system of public long-term care facilities and sufficient investment in home care programs are needed to ensure that Island seniors have access Health Care and Staying Healthy.

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