Charlottetown Margaret Andrade

As an Islander, my first concern is always with the people. Hard-working, honest people have not received the respect and recognition while the large corporations have done extremely well off the backs of their employees. In the course of my 30 year involvement in politics, I have seen governments consistently give away billions to their corporate supporters while the most vulnerable people are ignored. Government is meant to work for the people, not the corporations. We must remember that we are the political will. Who we vote for can make the difference between barely surviving communities and communities that grow with hope and hard work.

My entire career has been about helping people. When I worked in law firms, I made sure that our clients were clearly understanding their decisions. When I sold cars, I ensured  my clients had the right car at the right price and with a manageable monthly payments because I listened to their needs and their wants.

I am now a co-owner of a company that works with small to medium sized companies to successfully help them brand and market their products and services. Our company also works in international trade. In 2020, we had planned the first Atlantic Canada 2020 International Trade and Business Expo to take place in Charlottetown. We had delegations from 12 different countries prepared to come to Charlottetown and work together with Atlantic Canadian business on trade agreements. Unfortunately COVID-19 cancelled that. During 2020, we worked hard to bring medical supplies from around the world for our health care workers and the people of Canada.  I know how important business growth is for the owners and the employees. It was my way of fighting for you.

I’m a Mom with two children. My daughter lives in Vancouver and my son lives here on the Island in Morell. They are, without question, my greatest achievement. I know how important family is and I’m tired of seeing families on the Island struggling. The NDP has solutions for families, Seniors, single adults and the young people of the Island. I believe in speaking the truth, encouraging people to reach higher and ensuring everyone has housing, food and job security. Because we’re a community. Because we take care of each other. I will be fighting for you every step of the way. Compassion changes everything. Join me in the fight for your family, your neighbours and your community.