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Lynne Thiele Charlottetown-Winsloe's New Democratic voice.

Lynne Thiele, a career educator, writer and social activist is the Island New Democrats candidate in the  District 10, Charlottetown-Winsloe by-election to replace former MLA Robert Mitchel.

Having achieved a B.Ed. and Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Lynne has taught school in Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island. Additionally having developed a reading program, she applied it to volunteer teaching at the Stratford Library and Lynne has recently published a book, Esther of Farrington.
Lynne has served many leadership roles in the Island New Democrats as chair of the Women’s Committee, Council and Executive representative, fundraising and as a New Democrat candidate both provincially and federally.  Her writing has included many insightful letters to the editor addressing the concerns of Islanders on issues such as childcare, proportional representation, basic income guarantee and public health.

Lynne is offering her background, commitment and skills to voice the needs and aspirations of District 10 residents.  “I will hold the King government accountable to honour their promises to protect the land, water and health of the people of Charlottetown-Winsloe, and all Islanders,” pledges Ms. Thiele.

Lynne Thiele has the support of her many friends who are very excited about her bid for the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island.

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Voting Info

The District 10 Charlottetown-Winsloe By-Election has been called for Monday November 2, 2020.

There will be only one voting location:
The Community Baptist Church
162 Sherwood Rd., Charlottetown

There are three days of Advance Voting:

  • Saturday Oct 24 9am-7pm
  • Monday Oct 26 9am-7pm
  • Friday Oct 30 9am-7pm

Where to vote

What New Democrats are fighting for


Healthcare is a main concern for Islanders. The last six months has demonstrated this more than ever. At the beginning of the pandemic we underestimated the toll this virus would have on our ability to meet other medical needs. As we're seeing in Moncton, a paramount concern is the need to pay attention to long-term care facilities.

A New Democratic Party would make sure these important issues are addressed.

  • An increased investment in healthcare. With the continuing fight and a possible second wave, we need to be ready. Increased investment, PPE equipment, faster testing, staffing and protocols must be implemented for COVID, and other medical needs.
  • A fully funded public pharmacare system
  • Expansion and improvement of our publicly provided mental health care system
  • The recent situation in a Moncton long term care facility shines a light on cracks in this important sector. Seniors account for a large number of our population and care for them is a priority. To truly have a proper health care system, publicly owned, long-term care facilities must be part of the health care conversation. And Island New Democratic government would see to this.
  • Development of publicly funded programs for essential dental and vision care


The need for rent that is geared to income is very great on PEI. The numbers of those in the PEI Housing waiting list is only a percentage of the need. We need a bold vision to permanently relieve the difficulty affording rent felt by so many Islanders.

Why pubic housing rather than private market housing?

The policy of using taxpayer’s money to provide private developers with grants and loans to create rental housing doesn’t provide a solution which will take care of future generations. At the end of the contract (12, 15 or 20 years) the community is left with nothing while the developer has a valuable asset which it can convert to whatever it wants – luxury apartments, hotel, Airbnb etc. It’s not a policy with any long-term vision or any concern for future generations.

  • We want to build housing which is attractive and with better amenities than anything the private sector can provide for low- and moderate-income individuals and families.
  • Low- and moderate-income families need stability and security in their home – free of the threat of eviction for renovations, demolitions, or for change of use of their apartment.
  • Rents will be geared to income – not determined by the market
  • Our homes will be in the heart of cities and towns as well as in rural areas
  • Buildings can be owned by co-operatives, private non-profits, community land trusts or municipal or provincial governments.
  • Advanced building codes need to be implemented for new constructions and retrofits. Currently there is no climate change forethought in these new constructions. They should be equal to net-zero in terms of sustainability.


It is the role of government to create policies and programs to ensure that every person living in Prince Edward Island has a livable income without having to rely on charity to meet their basic needs. The NDP-PEI believes that it is possible to eliminate poverty by redistributing wealth on the basis of a fair tax system, and by investing in public services.

  • Making minimum wage a livable wage, to be evaluated on an annual basis
  • Implementing, in cooperation with the federal government, a Basic Income Guarantee pilot project
  • Social assistance rates that match the real costs of living, and which are evaluated on an annual basis
  • First contract legislation to help unions get a first contract with an employer
  • Working towards greater power for workers in the workplace


When we speak of affordable housing, accessible transportation needs to be part of the plan.
 Charlottetown-Winsloe residents require affordable access to the rest of the city.

  • People who don’t own a car, or don’t want to own or drive a car for climate justice reasons, need affordable transportation to get to work, to appointments, to shopping and recreational activities.
  • We need to get out of our cars and into public transit in order to meet our CO2 emissions targets
  • Many Islanders, especially seniors are isolated due to lack of transportation
  • Children in low-income families which don’t own a car are excluded from after-school activities or recreational activities and sports because they have no transportation.
  • Our car dominated society forces us to pave over lands which have important ecological roles.

The NDP-PEI believes that the only way to provide an efficient, affordable and comprehensive Island-wide public transit system is through public investment and ownership.

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