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New Democrats remind Islanders about What’s at Risk in this election

CHARLOTTETOWN — Last night’s debate showed that the only party who will fight to protect our public health care and increase the number of doctors and other health care professionals immediately is the New Democratic...

Island New Democrats will fight to ensure Western Hospital stays open: Dickiseon

Alberton — The Liberals launched their platform on Wednesday with no mention that they would stop the closure or reduction of services at Western Hospital, or any other hospital in the province. “Islanders who live...

Innovation = Privatization. PEI health care under threat of privatization

CHARLOTTETOWN — The Conservative, Liberal and Green parties have all revealed some sort of plans to privatize health care if given the chance. In response to PEI’s health care crisis, both the Conservatives and Greens...

REALITY CHECK: Green plan doesn’t work for workers

CHARLOTTETOWN — At a time when Prince Edward Island workers face unprecedented challenges, the Green Party’s platform misses the mark. While campaigning on a progressive image and message, Bevan-Baker’s party appears out of touch with...

Michelle Neill: Island workers deserve a better deal

CHARLOTTETOWN- As UPEI faculty members go on strike today, New Democrats are highlighting the priorities of workers on Prince Edward Island. “New Democrats support free and fair collective bargaining and will never legislate workers back...

REALITY CHECK: Conservatives get a D+ on promises from 2019.

CHARLOTTETOWN — CBC and Saltwire analyzed the Conservatives election platform promises from the 2019 and gave them a barely passing grade of D+. “This election is about who will stand up and fight for every...

Michelle Neill: Every Islander will be able to vote for a Better Deal on April 3rd

CHARLOTTETOWN — Island New Democrat Leader Michelle Neill announced earlier today that there will be a New Democrat candidate in every district on April 3rd. “I’m thrilled to be able to tell everyday Islanders that...

A Better Deal to make life more affordable

CHARLOTTETOWN — As everyday living costs continue to skyrocket, New Democrats are offering a package of solutions to help Islanders make ends meet. The NDP’s commitment includes a $17 minimum wage and a 10% increase...

New Democrats Will Fight for Students by Freezing and Lowering University Tuition

CHARLOTTETOWN — In light of a proposed tuition hike at the University of Prince Edward Island, New Democrats are offering a plan to make education more affordable. “Investing in young people is critical to the...

New Democrats will fight for a Better Deal for Seniors

CHARLOTTETOWN — New Democrats are ready to deliver a better deal for seniors on Prince Edward Island. By electing New Democrats to the Legislature, we will fight to expand and improve long-term care, support caregivers...

Life is getting harder for everyday Islanders. Our health care system is on the brink – hospitals are understaffed and closing, and vital health services are at risk of being sold off to private companies. The cost of living is growing far more rapidly than families’ paycheques, leaving many worried about paying for gas, food and housing.

Things have gotten worse under Conservative and Liberal governments. Underfunding of our health care system has resulted in ER closures, hallway medicine, and unacceptable emergency and long-term care wait times. It’s not good enough for the government to stand by while Islanders are stressed about affording medical prescriptions and dental care.

People are tired of promising one thing during an election and doing the opposite after. It’s time to stop that.

If we want a future, we have to make different choices. Islanders deserve a better deal, and New Democrats are prepared to deliver it. Together, we can make practical changes that make life more affordable for everyone – no matter where you live.

New Democrats will fight for improved health care services and for us, cuts are not on the table. We’ll make sure that government works for all Islanders, making our province a more attractive place to live, work and raise a family.

When it comes to better jobs, protecting the environment and investing in strong public health care and education, New Democrats are fighting for you.

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