Margaret Andrade District 7 Morell-Donagh

Margaret Andrade is a consensus builder and a genuine community leader. She has spent decades as a tireless advocate for families and businesses here in PEI and around the country. This experience has given her exceptional insight into the socio-economic, cultural and regional differences within our own borders. Her involvement in various organizations and initiatives across Canada has given her a unique understanding of the realities facing our community.
Margaret is not a career politician. She has spent her life working to make her community and our country a better place. A champion for fairness and equality for those who are often discounted by government. Margaret has mentored female entrepreneurs, supported quality education initiatives for women and girls, and has been a staunch advocate for those needing a voice in our community.
Margaret has had the opportunity to live in many cities and towns across Canada. As a Town Councillor, she worked to make government more open, accessible, and accountable to taxpayers. She believes the absence of genuine leadership in government is having an ever-increasing negative effect on families and small businesses and that’s precisely why she believes now is the time for new solutions, innovative ideas, and real leadership.
Margaret knows that we can become a stronger, more effective province by working together to unleash the power of everyday Islanders, to lead with compassion, strength and a strong moral conviction. The truth is: we simply cannot afford politicians who will promise one thing to us during and election and then totally disregard those promises once elected. The residents of District 7 deserve and expect a Member of the Legislative Assembly who will stand up and fight for them, and who will do what it takes to kick-start our economy and ensure economic fairness for everyone. This experience, and these values, are what Margaret intends to bring to the Legislature as your MLA for District 7, fighting for you, to help build a better future for everyone in our community.
Margaret Andrade lives in District 7 and is the proud mother of two adult children.