Lynne Thiele District 6 - Stratford-Keppoch

My name is Lynne Thiele and I am running to be the MLA in District 6. Although I was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, was raised and taught for 30 years in the prairies, my roots are also from Prince Edward Island as it was home to my late mother. Our ancestors came from Ireland and Scotland as far back as 1803 when MacLarens settled at Brudenell.

I began teaching when I was twenty years old and later acquired a B.Ed in Reading, and a M.A. in Educational Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction. During that time I served on the local teachers' executive and was vice president of the Provincial Teachers of Religion and Christian Ethics. After superannuating, I substituted and published a reading program for non-readers.

Since 2005, I have lived on the Island full time after years of summer visiting. I volunteer at the Stratford Library and have taught students for free using my reading program. I was honoured to receive Volunteer of the Year from the library.

Social Activism is my passion now. I have knocked on doors for years with brochures for NDP candidates  and for ending cosmetic pesticides. They kept saying it can't be done but it has been done and now other towns are bowing to the demand for safety before perfect lawns. I supported and wrote about a model for a Women's Health Clinic such as one in Regina. Again, it can be done. I have spoken at meetings and written to MPs and MLAs for Basic Income Guarantee. I have lobbied the federal NDP to to make a pilot project for PEI a commitment in the next election. I have been to meetings about protecting land, water, and housing for our residents. I have stood up for schools and lobbied to end centralization of power and to bring back elected school boards. I support the immediate construction

of a school campus for grades 7 to 12 which was needed years ago and I ask people to be proactive in building for the future and I don't mean Roundabouts. I stand with Joe Byrne as he brings power to the many not just the few. And when he asked me to run in Stratford District 6, I had to say yes.