Lawerence Millar District 5-Vernon River - Stratford

Lawrence Millar is married to Norma, an Islander he met in his final semester at Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology in 1974. Employment and further education took them from Ontario, to Prince Edward Island(PEI), Kenya, British Columbia(BC) and finally in semi-retirement back to PEI. He has been a farm labourer, farm equipment mechanic, vocational instructor, agricultural specialist, dairy farm inspector/technologist and in semi-retirement as a maintenance and warehouse worker. Lawrence's work in Government services in PEI and BC enabled activity with (PEIUPSE and BCGEU).  Lawrence has been a supporter of the NDP with a highlight being BC Premier John Horgan's initial campaign for the BC Legislature. Since Lawrence and Norma returned to PEI in 2009 to build their retirement home in Heatherdale Lawrence has been active with the Cardigan NDP Riding Association as Chair and after a few years hiatus from activity accepted his current position as Financial Agent.Lawrence has been active with the Southeast Environmental Association. Lawrence was a founding member of the PEI Woodlot Owners Association, leaving the board only after he and Norma succumbed to the pressure to sell their Heatherdale property to GEBIS. He served on the Valleyfield Community Council and the Three Rivers Steering Committee until Norma and he moved from Valleyfield to Stratford. With less property to care for and one less board to sit on, Lawrence has time to become more active with the NDP PEI.