Edith Perry District 2-Georgetown – St. Peters

An Islander by choice since 1985 Edith Perry was born and raised in rural prairie communities. Now a grandmother she and her late husband happily raised three children in Millview, a farming community in eastern PEI. Edith had a diverse work experience ranging from teaching in a northern First Nations community, as a Family Services front line worker and a stay-at-home mom to clerical office work, hotel housekeeping and mussel plant occupations. Her passions are nature, music, social justice advocating, family and community. A motto that she lives by is to ‘always remember where you came from but know where you are headed.’  Reading, writing and speaking out are tools she uses to help move onward with her passions.

Even before she understood what socialism, capitalism and a sundry of other "isms" meant she felt inclined towards social justice. So to Edith this is what socialism best addresses.

The NDP is the best political fit for this and so she has always voted NDP. It is her observation that the NDP have a proven track record across the country on socialist principles, policies and practices. The NDP fits her sense of social justice 'for the many, not just a few'.