Income Security

“$15 is Fair”

   Saturday November 17th — a bright blue-sky morning, and NDP volunteers were tramping through the fresh snow for a good cause.  They were going door-to-door in District 12 (Charlottetown-Victoria Park), for two purposes:  – to glean residents’ opinions about the Minimum Wage; – to remind residents that Joe Byrne, the Leader of Island New…

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Response to MacLauchlan plan for Social Assistance, etc.

   “It’s good to see the Province taking a couple of steps in the right direction … but I have to say: when are we going to take a real run at poverty?”  That’s Joe Byrne’s reaction to today’s (2 November) announcement by a quartet of MacLauchlan Government ministers concerning Social Assistance rates and several…

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NDP-PEI Calls for $15 Minimum Wage

17 October 2018 Minimum Wage: “Fifteen is Fair” NDP’s Byrne, Labour Leader, and Businessman join in call for increase    At a news conference today (17 October), Island New Democrat Leader Joe Byrne again called on the PEI Government to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, starting January 1st.    His position was…

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