District 23 Nomination Meeting January 28th    Island New Democrats in District 23 (Tyne Valley – Sherbrooke) are about to nominate their candidate for the coming provincial election, and they are excited that a strong contender is putting his name forward.  Robin Enman of Lot 16 is seeking the nomination.    Robin Enman has been…

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Candidate in District 6

Congratulations to Lynne Thiele in District 6 on winning the candidacy!  Saying ‘yes’ to the leader Joe Byrne, Lynne offered to run in District 6, Stratford- Keppoch. “I must walk the walk if I talk the talk.” Lynne is a retired educator with a Masters in Educational Leadership. She currently lives in Stratford after moving…

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Nomination Meeting – District 26

New Democrats to choose candidate for Alberton-Bloomfield    Another NDP nomination is in the works, and it looks like there will be an excellent candidate.  People of District 26 will gather on Thursday evening January 10th at the Elmsdale Community Centre to choose the New Democratic candidate for the provincial riding.  Registration will begin at…

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