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In 2019, Island wide broadband internet is a must.

NDP Leader Joe Byrne announces commitment to Island wide high-speed internet broadband services. NDP PEI Leader Joe Byrne, Candidate in District 12, says it is essential for the prosperity of Prince Edward Island to follow through on delivering Rural high-speed internet access province wide. “We’ve seen more than a decade of Island governments announce their…

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MacLauchlan Rural Health Plan Weak

With 40 of the Island’s physician complement over the age of 65 years, and 12,000 registered Islanders with no family doctor, not to mention many more who have given up, the MacLauchlan has yet again failed rural PEI.  The MacLauchlan Plan for Rural Health Care offers no assurance of ER services for maintaining ER and…

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Income Security

NDP Leader Joe Byrne knows it is possible to phase in a $15 minimum wage immediately. “We’ve seen cost of living rise significantly and we’ve seen significant issues in rent going up. We have all seen the cost of food go up, and it is only fair that wages rise as well,” said Byrne at…

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