Prince Edward Island, it's time for a

Basic Income Guarantee


Basic Income Guarantee has the potential to uplift individuals and families out of poverty, foster economic stability, and create a more equitable society. Premier Dennis King has made a promising commitment to implementing BIG with the assistance of the federal government. Michelle Neill and the Island New Democrats will continue advocating for this important policy.

How does a Basic Income Guuarantee help Islanders?

Poverty Alleviation

A guaranteed livable income in Prince Edward Island would reduce poverty rates, ensuring every resident has access to basic necessities and improving overall social well-being.

Healthier Communities

With increased financial stability, Islanders can afford better healthcare, leading to improved health outcomes and creating stronger, more resilient communities.

Social Cohesion

Basic income fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity, promoting social cohesion and reducing inequality, creating a more harmonious and equitable society for all Islanders.

Education and Skill Development

A basic income would enable Islanders to pursue educational opportunities and acquire new skills, fostering a more educated workforce and promoting economic growth on the island.

Economic Stimulus

The injection of a guaranteed livable income into the local economy would boost consumer spending, supporting local businesses and revitalizing Prince Edward Island's economy.

Enhanced Entrepreneurship

A reliable income floor encourages entrepreneurial ventures and small business startups, fostering innovation, creating job opportunities, and nurturing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Prince Edward Island.

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It's time for BIG