Additional Platform Items


Governance and Transparency

“Democratic” is our middle name.  We believe in the people having authentic representation and direct voice in their government, and in the principle of government having to ‘report’ to the people with transparency and accountability. 

NDP PEI MLA’s will work to:

  • Implement Proportional Representation — MMP for the good of all parties and for the people
  • Broaden the scope of the Ethics and Integrity Commissioner matters such as patronage, contracting and administrative irregularities, and whistleblower complaints.
  • Ensure that contracts above 10 000 are registered on a searchable database.

Rural Community Economic Development

Prince Edward Island is intrinsically tied of its rural and small-community heritage.  Our character, where we live and how we earn our living, is changing, of course.  Even so, we believe in the quality, and the viability, of rural life

NDP PEI MLA’s will work to:

  • Provide Island wide fibre broadband at national standards to the more than 80 communities which have been identified by Industry Canada as eligible for expansion of backbone.
  • Fully review legislation on land use and governing arrangements in unincorporated areas.
  • Offer tax incentives for small businesses to start up in rural communities.
  • Encourage not-for-profit and co-operative enterprises to locate in rural areas.
  • Concerning amalgamation: fully engage residents in determining the pros and cons of municipal restructuring for their particular circumstances.
  • Base management offices (as well as operations) of new public services in outlying communities.


NDP PEI calls for two straightforward ways to help low-income households:

NDP PEI MLA’s will work to:

  • Increase the amount sent out to the persons who receive the quarterly rebate for HST
  • Establish a new higher tax bracket for individuals with annual income above $125,000.

Workers’ Rights

The NDP is the party of fairness for workers. 

NDP PEI MLA’s will work to:

  • enact ‘First Contract’ legislation to give protection to groups of workers as they go through the process of forming a union.
  • Overhaul the Employment Standards Act to beef up the rules to ensure that workplaces are safe and healthy.

Relations with Indigenous peoples

NDP PEI works from a commitment to reconciliation and beyond that, a future in which Canada’s Indigenous peoples, in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, are a genuinely valued strand of society.

NDP PEI MLA’s will work to:

  • Introduce a cabinet level role to oversee and report on: implementation of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; overall relations with Indigenous Islanders; and opportunities for development.
  • Provision of fibre broadband to Lennox Island, Fernewood and Rocky Point.
  • Conduct curriculum analysis in partnership with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy to ensure that First Nations, Inuit and Metis are recognized appropriately, both historically and in current context, in PEI and Canada.
  • Respect and honour of responsibilities and obligations of the Government of PEI to First Nations.

Acadian and Francophone Affairs

We believe strongly in recognizing the importance of people of Acadian heritage and other French speakers to Island society, and in their right to full services in their language of choice. This commitment will be reflected in expansion of direct services and investment in capital infrastructure.

NDP PEI MLAs will work to:

  • Start the construction of the new school in the Evangeline Region.
  • Ensure Free post-secondary tuition for Island students for their first degree or diploma.
  • Call for an immediate pay increase for early childhood educators of $7 per hour.
  • Ensure adequate provincial funding is allocated to service organization that foster the development of the Acadian and Francophone Culture on PEI.


NDP PEI MLAs will work to:

  • Create a strategy to increase the number of refugee immigrants we welcome, and effort to fully support their adaptation to Island life;
  • Create a pathway to permanent residency open to temporary foreign workers;
  • Develop an expansion of the family class to include eligibility for a wider range of relatives;
  • eliminate of the political-friend favouritism which has warped provincial choice of agents for the PNP system.

Summerside Second City Initiative

Our western capital is the hub of economic and social development for that part of our province.

NDP PEI MLas will work to:

  • Relocate some government offices into Summerside to support expansion of the city.
  • Consult with the City of Summerside to expand the area of service delivery for the utility.