Health Care and Staying Healthy

Health for everyone

When asked, one issue Canadians often cite as being incredibly important is health care. With the foundation of our Medicare system by then premier Tommy Douglas, New Democrats have been key supporters of moving that conversation forward.

While a universally accessible, public healthcare system is paramount to maintain, we also believe in furthering this by the inclusion of a fully funded, public pharmacare, essential dental and vision system. This also pertains to all migrant workers when they arrive in the province.

In addition to these, additional avenues of care, interdisciplinary, collaborative models of practice which utilize the expertise of a broad range of personnel, including nurse practitioners, pharmacists and physiotherapists needs to be addressed.

Action and Education

To assist a healthier Prince Edward Island, health promotion and prevention should be a priority. This includes improving access to programs and activities (nutrition, exercise, etc) that support healthy living

Women’s Health

The NDP PEI are strong advocates for women’s issues on PEI. The NDP PEI women’s commiittee has brought forth key party policies regarding health concerns.

Legislation, certification and regulation to allow publicly-funded midwifery services, and full access to publicly-funded, comprehensive medical and surgical abortion services are just two of these policies.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

As of May, 2020, the party has formed the new SOGI committee, focusing on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Even before establishing this committee, the NDP PEI we’re focusing on policies to advocate. In 2019, we established that a full range of services to meet the health needs of transgender people, including access to hormone replacement therapy, clear policies and procedures for coverage of transgender surgeries, and qualified personnel to provide assessments and monitoring.

For both of these committees and an improved quality of health for all Islanders, we also stand for Investment in public education about positive sexuality and consent, sexual and reproductive health

Sex health services

In conjunction with the expanded pharmacare service, we want to see coverage of contraceptive drugs and devices included as well. Comprehensive programs that meet the needs of all people living with or at risk of HIV infection, including harm reduction (needle exchange/peer-to-peer outreach and support); and anonymous HIV testing

Our seniors

In 2020, COVID-19 highlighted the severe lack of accountability for our long-term care facilities. In addition to our expanded health care services, we believe an Island-wide system of public long-term care facilities and sufficient investment in home care programs are needed to ensure that Island seniors have access Health Care and Staying Healthy

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