Special message for our NDP Candidates who had the courage and commitment to put their name on a Ballot

Thank-you so much from the bottom of my heart. This was a challenging political environment for the NDP and your presence during this election is an expression of the strength of our ideas as New Democrats and our belief in our democracy.
As Leader I am proud to have had you on our team. For some this was your first election and for others this was a path that you have travelled before. Please do not read too much into the results – change elections can be difficult to analyse. Be confident in your candidacy and our message.
Our Party leadership met and we have a Candidate debrief and evaluation session set for May 4th.  This will be a step in building NDP PEI to a powerful movement.  I appreciate your feedback which will be helpful as we plan for the future. The NDP is stronger with candidates like you. We have been building the Party over the past year and though our vote share was low we did have the highlight of Dr. Herb doing so well; our message was out there and many, many people told me we were the Party that was talking about issues that we’re important to them. 
I am hoping and asking you to stay involved in the party. Rebuilding takes time and many hands and ears. Our ideas are not our own, they have come to us from our friends, neighbours and community. Our task is to keep looking ahead with the same courage and commitment that you demonstrated as a candidate. 
And I’ll say it again, THANK-YOU for being there, THANK-YOU for bringing a message of fairness and THANK-YOU for your commitment to build a better Island.