New Years Day and World Day of Peace

A fresh start

Every year people make New Year Resolutions, and some of us sing Auld Lang Syne, attend the Levees, and perhaps do things we regret later. What ever culture we inhabit, this is a time for renewal, for making new commitments to do things better, and to recommit to friendships and loyalties, and perhaps to lament past failures or the loss of important elements in our lives.   Pope Paul V1 established January 1 as a special day to reaffirm our hopes and actions towards making the world a more peaceful place. He declared World Day of Peace for this day, and no matter what one’s religious affiliation, we can all join together in this quest. 

Also let us not forget the human value of getting together and having some fun, a party, a good dinner, and a celebration of friendship and bon chance. Let us be aware that there are many in our own midst who are not able to participate in the celebration, and therefore we can be conscious of the need to share our good fortune with all those who are in need.  A shared celebration gives all of us faith in the credibility of a better year to come. 

The PEI branch of the NDP wishes all a happy New Year.