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Building a Better Future for Islanders

Dear friends,
I write to you in support of Joe Byrne and the Island New Democrats, and appeal to you to make an end of the year contribution to put Joe and other great New Democrat candidates in the Island Legislature.
Joe has had a very busy year working hard for Islanders, and for the values for which we stand as New Democrats. Our Leader is offering positive and progressive alternatives to deal with issues such as housing, wage fairness, poverty, carbon reduction climate change, electoral reform and a brighter future for Islanders.
Joe has also been working with progressive groups and meeting with many Islanders, as well as leading a great team of Party volunteers doing organizational and committee work including fundraising, candidate recruitment and election platform development; all in preparation for a probable election in the spring of 2019.
Today, I’m asking you to be part of our success in this effort. As you may know, political contributions allow for significant tax credits which may be claimed on your 2018 income tax return (see addendum below).
Your financial investment will give voice to issues that matter to you and all Islanders. With your support, we will work together to improve working and living conditions in our Province.
Cheques must be dated no later than December 31, 2018 to receive this year’s tax credit. Write the cheque to: Island New Democrats, and if you wish to contribute to a specific provincial District campaign, write the District number in the Memo space: District 1-27. Electronic online contributions may be made through the Party Website at
Mailing Address: Island New Democrats , 81 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4R3
Your contribution, large or small, is deeply appreciated and will be well placed to achieve the success we are all working for. Thanks very much for your support, and all the best wishes to you in 2019.
Dr. Herb Dickieson

Prince Edward Island political contribution tax credit
You can claim a tax credit on contributions made to a recognized Prince Edward Island political party as follows:
75% of the first $100 contributed
50% of the next $450 contributed
33 1/3% of the amount contributed that is more than $550, to a maximum credit of $500
For example:
Contribution Tax Credit Actual cost to you
$ 50 $ 37.5 $ 12.50
$100 $ 75 $ 25
$250 $150 $100
$500 $275 $225
$1000 $450 $550
$1150 $500 $650
$3000 (max) $500 $2500