Good Christmastime Wishes

In a multi-cultural society, the Christmas season means a great many things to different people. Traditionally it is a celebration of the birth of the Christian Saviour, while in so many societies in the northern hemisphere, it has been based on marking the winter solstice with various celebrations. Such events can bring different cultures living in the same community together with a common spirit of joy in the passing of another yearly milestone, the mid-winter shortest day and the beginning of a new year, a new beginning.   

Our tradition involves Christmas trees, gifts, family gatherings around a turkey dinner, and joyous Christian songs and rituals.  In doing so, we all join together in welcoming and sharing the joys of the season with those of different cultures, making it a time of recognizing all those common human values that unite us all. 

The PEI branch of the NDP wishes all our neighbours, our community citizenship, the most joyous season.