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Archive for December 2018

New Democrats alive and well in 2018— really alive!

What a good year PEI’s New Democrats have had. • Things got moving with the fresh leadership of President Leah-Jane Hayward and regular meetings of an active Provincial Council • The excitement built through a healthy Leadership contest with three good candidates — Margaret Andrade, Susan McVittie and Joe Byrne — with well-attended debates in…

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New Years Day and World Day of Peace

A fresh start Every year people make New Year Resolutions, and some of us sing Auld Lang Syne, attend the Levees, and perhaps do things we regret later. What ever culture we inhabit, this is a time for renewal, for making new commitments to do things better, and to recommit to friendships and loyalties, and…

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Building a Better Future for Islanders

Dear friends, I write to you in support of Joe Byrne and the Island New Democrats, and appeal to you to make an end of the year contribution to put Joe and other great New Democrat candidates in the Island Legislature. Joe has had a very busy year working hard for Islanders, and for the…

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Nomination Meeting – District 26

New Democrats to choose candidate for Alberton-Bloomfield    Another NDP nomination is in the works, and it looks like there will be an excellent candidate.  People of District 26 will gather on Thursday evening January 10th at the Elmsdale Community Centre to choose the New Democratic candidate for the provincial riding.  Registration will begin at…

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Good Christmastime Wishes

In a multi-cultural society, the Christmas season means a great many things to different people. Traditionally it is a celebration of the birth of the Christian Saviour, while in so many societies in the northern hemisphere, it has been based on marking the winter solstice with various celebrations. Such events can bring different cultures living…

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