Be a part of this NDP website!


   How about this website, eh! … Fantastic picture, glowing in NDP orange!

   Every few days there is a posting about an issue, event or party position.  And the first item on the page is “Joe’s View” – a blog about what’s on the Leader’s mind.

   We can all help make this site even more interesting.  It’s open to anyone to submit a posting.  Have you got a question? an opinion about a current issue? news about an event?  Let’s get it up on the website.  From there it’s easy for Marian White, who administers the party’s Facebook page, to post to the NDP Facebook page … so what you say reaches a lot of people.

  This is easy.  You don’t need to write an essay.  A piece can be a couple of hundred words or even just a paragraph.  You don’t have to worry about making a mistake, because our website editor, JoeAnne Callaghan, checks everything over, and can make a suggestion if she sees something amiss.

   Just email your piece to [email protected] … JoeAnne will have a look at it and put it up.  You can hopefully add a photo, which makes things more eye-catching.

Give it a try!