Island New Democrats have a Deputy Leader and a Spokesperson for Rural Affairs

Joe Byrne names Leah-Jane Hayward and Dr. Herb Dickieson

   At a media conference this morning (November 21st), the Leader of Island New Democrats announced his appointment of Leah-Jane Hayward as Deputy Leader, and Dr. Herb Dickieson as adviser and spokesperson in the fields of Rural Affairs, Agriculture and Fisheries.

   “Leah-Jane Hayward is an effective listener and communicator,” Joe Byrne says, “and I’m proud to have her as our Deputy Leader.”

   Leah-Jane is President of the PEI’s NDP, and served as spokesperson during this year’s transition of the party’s leadership.  A former business-woman, she is the nominated NDP candidate in District 15, Brackley-Hunter River.  “Joe’s leadership has re-energized our party,” she says, “and we’re building a strong organization with a growing list of quality candidates for the coming provincial election.”

   Dr. Herb Dickieson is no stranger on the Island political scene.  He has been the NDP’s Leader and well-known Member of the Legislative Assembly.  Now retired from his long service as family physician in West Prince, he was recently nominated as the New Democrat candidate for District 25, O’Leary-Inverness.

   “Dr. Herb’s work as a rural physician and community leader, as well as his legislative experience, equip him to understand the issues facing rural Islanders,” Joe Byrne said.  Dickieson’s mandate is to include farming and fishing, plus other issues of service and infrastructure.  “He’s going to be a fine asset in preparing our party with a comprehensive Rural Island platform.”

   Dr. Dickieson noted Joe Byrne’s commitment to the Island’s rural nature and its primary industries.  “Government policies don’t seem to recognize the contribution of rural people to the province’s wealth through farming, fishing, tourism and wind power production,” he said.  “Joe and our Island New Democrats will make sure that rural Islanders are valued and we will support the vitality of our rural communities.”