For Immediate Release (Charlottetown- July 15, 2014) NDP PEI Leader Mike Redmond says that it is time for Premier Ghiz to shuffle his cabinet and rethink some of their failing policies.

“Whether it is declining health care, education in crisis, a weakening economy, a huge failure on food costs assistance, the hard hit of the HST on Islanders or confused leadership on the environment, this government has every possible reason to re-assign roles and try to bring a fresh approach to their failing policies”, stated Redmond.

The Ghiz government has not had a cabinet shuffle since the general election in 2011.

“The Ghiz Liberals have been in power for over seven years and it is showing signs of aging very ungracefully. Most recently the confusion about holding back the advice of the Environmental Advisory Council on deep water wells while talking about consultation for a water act showed a government that has lost control of itself. The current environment minister cannot continue in that position. All credibility has been lost in the environment portfolio”, added the NDP Leader.

In June, Redmond called for higher HST rebates to make up for the removal of almost four million dollars in social assistance and help out the 27% of Island children who live in food insecure homes.

“The failure to get sufficiently large HST rebates out the door to thousands of Islanders shows that the Cabinet is out of touch and disorganized. The amount of people in need extends well beyond the traditional social assistance clientele. The Premier needs to appoint a new finance minister and a new community services minister and instruct them to get money out to Islanders now”, concluded Redmond.


Mike Redmond

Leader, NDP PEI


[email protected]