The NDP team are offering PEI a positive choice and a five-point plan of action. We are dedicated to improving the lives of all Islanders.

To date, New Democrats have released the following platform planks: 


  1. Cleaning up the government

Islanders deserve a responsible government. The NDP is committed to:

// Launching a full judicial inquiry into Liberal mismanagement of the Provincial Nominee Program, the E-Gambling initiative, and all Government of PEI loans and loan guarantees for the past eight years

// Bringing in an independent PEI Fiscal Accountability Office to strengthen oversight of government spending and prevent future corruption

// Amending the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to include municipalities and post-secondary institutions

// Ensuring that all Islanders are engaged in major reform of the PEI Legislative Assembly and the electoral process

// Living within our means, with a commitment to balancing the budget


  1. Making the economy work for you

Most Islanders are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. It doesn’t have to be that way. The NDP will put your families’ priorities first by:

// Fighting against an HST increase

// Raising the Basic Personal Tax Exemption to $10,000, eliminating provincial income taxes for the working poor and giving a $225/year tax break to low income and middle class families

// Fighting for a minimum wage that allows for a livable income

// Launching a pilot project for Basic Income Guarantee for all Islanders, including the stabilization of fishing communities and seasonal economies

// Introducing the PEI Film and TV Tax Credit to help Islanders tell our stories to the world

// Offering tax incentives and wage subsidies for small business to create jobs

// Providing emergency micro-loans to PEI businesses impacted by severe weather due to climate change


  1. Quality, accessible healthcare

Years of underfunding and centralizing health services have denied quality, accessible healthcare to many Islanders. The NDP is committed to ensuring that all Islanders get the quality healthcare they deserve, by:

// Launching a new PEI Health Accord with Island Communities, ensuring Community Engagement, Effective Governance, Income Security and the Social Determinants of Health

// Conducting a performance-based review of Health PEI

// Creating a Women’s Health Centre to provide PEI women access to full range of reproductive health services

// Increasing funding for Mental Health and Addiction Services


  1. Invest in people

Governing is about making choices. While Liberals and Conservatives have chosen to put their well-connected friends first, the NDP will invest in our people by:

// Ensuring no child goes to school hungry by starting an Island-wide school nutrition program

// Ensuring PEI families have access to quality, affordable childcare by reversing Liberal cuts

// Introducing a seniors’ independence program to provide housekeeping and grounds maintenance component to the current long term home care

// Capping tuition fees


  1. Protect our environment

PEI’s environmental integrity has suffered from Liberal and Conservative policies. Islanders deserve the highest standards of environmental protection. The NDP will deliver, by:

// Introducing a water act to ensure water quality and protect our watersheds

// Banning cosmetic pesticides

// Working with Island farmers to continue their 100 years of sustainable land stewardship

// Mandating an annual report on the state of the environment

// Removing the HST on renewable energy



1. Cleaning up the government



Judicial Inquiry into PNP, E-Gambling and government loans


PEI Fiscal Accountability Office


Accountable management of government loans


Ending patronage in government procurement


Taking on capital budget inefficiencies including P3s


2. Making the economy work for you
Fighting against an HST increase

No new cost

Giving low income and middle income Islanders a break by raising the Basic Personal Tax Exemption


Pilot project on BIG


Creating jobs in arts and culture by introducing a Film and TV Tax Credit


Reducing small business taxes to lowest in Atlantic Canada


3. Quality, accessible healthcare
PEI Health Accord to improve access and quality of care


Health PEI review conducted by the Office of Fiscal Accountability

No new cost

Women’s Health Centre


Increased funding for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment


4. Investing in people
Ensuring no child goes to school hungry


Access to quality, affordable childcare


Seniors’ Independence Program


5. Protecting our environment
Introducing a new Water Act

No new cost

Banning cosmetic pesticides

No new cost

Doubling investments in transit


Working with Island Farmers to continue sustainable land stewardship


Mandating an annual report on the state of the environment


Removing the HST on renewable energy


Creating environmental jobs