(Charlottetown – May 22, 2013) Mike Redmond, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island, is demanding a clear action plan from provincial Health Minister Doug Currie in light of a new Conference Board of Canada report that ranks the performance of Prince Edward Island’s health care system last in Canada.

“The Conference Board performance report provides a harsh judgment on the Ghiz government’s mismanagement of health care over the past six years,” said Redmond.
Released at the Western Summit on Sustainable Health Care underway in Edmonton this week, the report entitled Paving the Road to Higher Performance: Benchmarking Provincial Health Systems rates all of the provinces by forty seven indicators across seven areas of performance. Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia received grades of “A”, Alberta received a “B”, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Quebec received “C” grades, and Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador tied for last with “D” grades.

“We see the Health Minister making big announcements and talking about change but he does not seem to a have a clear plan for improving the performance of our health care system. If he does have such a plan he has not referenced it in public. Can the Minister show what he is doing in regard to the indicators in the Conference Board report?” continued the NDP PEI Leader.
The Conference Board report was prepared by one its research affiliates – the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC). CASHC is supported by a variety of members arranged by categories of champions, leads, partners and participants. Health PEI is not a member in any of the categories; nor is any department or agency of the Government of Prince Edward Island.
“This government has got to get its act together in health care. We hear the Minister repeating the same talking points over and over again. But we do not see a clear plan of action to improve the performance of our health care system and that is the one lesson we should be taking from the Conference Board report. After six years Islanders deserve much better from this government,” concluded Redmond.

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