Redmond calls on MacLauchlan and Lantz to say where they stand

CHARLOTTETOWN – After a two-year freeze imposed by the federal-provincial agreement on the HST, PEI government can now increase the tax on Islanders. NDP Leader Mike Redmond committed today to fight against any HST increase in PEI.

“People are already having a tough time making ends meet and an HST increase will only make life less affordable for Islander,” said Redmond. “I will fight against an HST increase in PEI. Where do the Liberals and Conservatives stand?”

In November 2014, Redmond demanded that the Liberal government rule out an increase to the HST. The Liberals refused to answer. Reporters’ questions were responded by an unnamed spokesperson with the Department of Finance who wrote “the economic and fiscal policy direction of this province will be guided by the priorities of the new premier.”

“When the NDP was fighting for you against a Liberal HST increase, the Conservatives were fighting each other,” said Redmond. “Islanders deserve better than a government that doesn’t give answers and an opposition that’s too distracted to stand up for you.”

“In this election, you have the choice to vote for a party that’s on your side,” concluded Redmond.