FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Charlottetown, PE – (March 2, 2015) – Mike Redmond, Leader of the New Democratic Party of PEI has promised a judicial inquiry to find, document and deal with all instances of government officials using and manipulating government to benefit other government officials, select private citizens and themselves.

“The NDP will require a review of some of the major areas of government abuse. Where there are legal repercussions for individuals, appropriate processes will be pursued. Where laws prove too weak to prevent such abuses, those laws will be strengthened,” stated Redmond.

Joined by NDP candidates and NDP members seeking nominations, NDP Leader Mike Redmond presented the Judicial Inquiry to Clean Up Government Operations at a press conference in Charlottetown today. Three key areas of review include the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the provincial government’s extensive loan portfolio, and the E-Gambling scheme explored in detail in the article, Small Island, big bet: How PEI lost its online gambling gamble, by Robyn Doolittle and Jane Taber, published on the front page of the February 28th edition of the Globe and Mail.

‘If enough NDP MLAs are elected in the next election to form government or to support a minority government led by another party, then we will move to implement a judicial inquiry to clean up government operations,” added the NDP Leader.

The announcement is the first plank of the NDP platform for the upcoming provincial election suggested to be coming earlier than the fixed election date by the governing Liberals since the resignation of former Premier, Robert Ghiz in November 2014.

“The NDP is the only organized, election ready and government ready political party committed to challenging the political status quo and to implementing real political change in Prince Edward Island. The Liberals are manipulating an early election and the NDP is ready,” concluded Redmond.


Mike Redmond

Leader, NDP PEI


[email protected]