NDP Leader Mike Redmond wants the province of PEI to create an innovative plan for seniors that would keep seniors active, healthy, educated and provide social inclusion. “Seniors in our community have contributed to the social fabric of this province and our nation. In many cases they have been paying taxes for well over 30 years. It is time we acknowledge their contributions,” explained Redmond.
Redmond wants a provincial strategy to open  post secondary institutions, local rinks, tracks, pools, fitness rooms, to seniors, at no cost at set times.  He also wants seniors to have full access to courses at both Holland College and UPEI free of charge, and free access to public transit. Our plan is a real plan that would allow seniors the ability to move around via our public transit T3 system, stay active and involved in their communities.. “These are public institutions: CARI, Holland College, UPEI, and Alumni Place publically funded institutions, and as such are community facilities”, replied Redmond.
The Province of PEI contributes almost 80 million dollars a year to UPEI, Holland College and the Atlantic Veterinary College. These are excellent educational institutions that  enhance our Island, but they can do more.  They have yet to reach their potential in our community,” added Redmond.
Over 23% of the Island’s population is over 60, or approximately 33, 766 people. “Seniors are living on fixed incomes, we need to make life more affordable, social opportunities more available and accessible, educational opportunities life-long, and transportation universal”; concluded Redmond
Mike Redmond
Leader, NDP PEI