(Charlottetown – May 23, 2013) Joe Byrne, Federal Council Member with the New Democratic Party of Canada, and Mike Redmond, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island, are urging support for the Roll Up the Red Carpet campaign announced yesterday by Tom Mulcair, Leader of the Opposition. The campaign is focused on encouraging support for the abolition of the Canadian Senate.
“The Mike Duffy affair and the controversy over the expenses of other Senators including former Liberal Senator Mac Harb are making it clear that the appointed and unaccountable Senate has outlived its usefulness and should be abolished,” said Byrne.
In March the NDP Official Opposition in the House of Commons put forward a motion in support of abolishing the Canadian Senate. The Liberals and Conservatives voted against the motion and defeated it. There have also been media reports that the Government of Prince Edward Island is submitting an intervention to the Supreme Court of Canada as it considers issues relating to Senate reform and abolition.
“It is now time for all concerned citizens to act decisively to abolish the Senate and prevent Islanders and Canadians from enduring the waste of precious resources on people that they have had no part in selecting. Now everybody – including our Liberal MPs and Liberal Premier – have a way to play a direct role in ending the Senate by way of this NDP Senate abolition campaign,” stated NDP Leader Redmond.
The public is invited to help abolish the Canadian Senate in the various ways discussed on the website www.rolluptheredcarpet.ca.
“This is a simple and direct way to make a difference. Doing nothing implies we will tolerate the continued abuses of the Senate. Here is a chance for people to act in whatever way they see fit. As for the Liberal MPs and the Premier who have so far resisted abolition, it may be appropriate to be more vocal at this time,” concluded Byrne.
For more information, contact:
Joe Byrne
Federal Council Member, New Democratic Party of Canada