Mike Redmond


About Mike Redmond

Mike Redmond wants to do the best he can for all Islanders. And that is why he is in politics.

He wants to win. And he knows how to win.

You can’t be the coach of a university-level soccer team without a lot of dedication and a strong desire to lead. Mike Redmond has not only gained the respect of the many players he’s known, but is the only UPEI coach to twice be named Canadian Inter-university Sport (CIS) Coach of the Year nationally.

Mike has also brought leadership to community development on PEI, organizing many innovative programs to help families through the Murphy’s Community Centre in downtown Charlottetown. This experience has cemented his views on community service. “For me, believing in the value and the potential of every single person is the most important thing in the work that I do in life”.

In 2012 Mike was voted in as leader of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island. He has recruited a dynamic and diverse team of candidates and developed a platform that will give Island families and communities hope for the future and a practical way forward that includes all of us.

Mike wants to clean up the years of Liberal and Conservative corruption in the government. “I want to earn Islanders’ trust. Not just by asking them to trust me, but by putting forward a strong ethics agenda including practical actions for change which will clean up our government once and for all.”

Mike and his partner Aleida Tweten live in Valleyfield, outside Montague, with their five children. Mike is a graduate of Holland College, a farmer and a small business operator. He owns and runs Sperenza-Vision Inspired Sport, a group that promotes participation in sports, good nutrition, balanced lifestyle and commitment to learning. Sperenza operates out of Montague, Charlottetown and Hunter River.

Mike’s in politics for the right reasons. “People have asked me, why are you getting into politics? Honestly, our kids. I don’t want any Islander kid left behind. I don’t want them to go to school with an empty stomach. I want them to grow up with hope in their future and pride in the Island they come from.”

Mike grew up in Charlottetown and has deep roots in rural PEI with family ties in Kelly’s Cross, Fort Augustus, and the Montague area. He believes that all of the communities of PEI have a great future.

“I think Islanders deserve better than having to choose between Liberal corruption and Conservative scandals. They deserve a choice for a government that puts our families and our communities first – that’s the choice that the NDP team is offering in this election.”