FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Charlottetown, PE (April 25, 2013) – Mike Redmond, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island, is saying that the Ghiz Government’s failure to help low income Islanders is due to its record of financial mismanagement. “Back in January, the NDP expressed concern that the government’s financial mismanagement was jeopardizing its Social Action Plan announced last year,” stated Redmond.

On January 27, 2013, NDP Leader Redmond issued a press release expressing concern about the Social Action Plan in light of Finance Minister Sheridan’s statements about delaying balanced budget targets until 2016. Announced in May 2012, the Social Action Plan listed ways to address income inequality and poverty.

“It is now clear we were right about low income people getting the short end of the stick,” said the NDP Leader. Meanwhile, government has blown millions on failed pet projects such as the Holman Grand Hotel, Plan B and their various gambling ventures.”

Yesterday, Community Services and Seniors Minister, Valerie Docherty admitted that government increases to social assistance were not enough to keep up with the cost of living. The food allowance for a single adult has gone up from $156 to $163.80 a month, an extra $7.80.
“That is not enough for people to live on let alone get healthier and more productive. It is a true shame how the Ghiz government has such messed up priorities,” concluded Redmond.

Mike Redmond
Leader, NDP PEI
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