For Immediate Release
Thursday, August 02, 2012

Says positive reform from within the party prompted him to fulfill his commitment to democracy

CHARLOTTETOWN – Full-time advocate Trevor Leclerc is re-offering his name for the NDP PEI leadership race taking place in October, 2012.

Mr. Leclerc initially offered his candidacy but then withdrew at the annual general meeting, saying in a statement that a one-person race was not what Islanders deserved. Since the announcement of Mike Redmond seeking the NDP leadership, Mr. Leclerc has reconsidered.

Mr. Leclerc says that he is inspired by the new faces for the NDP and hopes to represent them.

“The NDP is in the middle of an unprecedented time of shared excitement and growth. I believe that my vision for the party will unite and move our party forward in this critical time,” says Mr. Leclerc. “I believe in transparency, accountability, and equal opportunity, and want to bring these values to the PEI government in 2015.”

Mr. Leclerc says that he will start rolling out positions separating him from the competition in due course.

“I’m looking forward to presenting my vision of Social Prosperity to Islanders along with a plan to achieve it,” says Mr. Leclerc.

Mr. Leclerc stressed that there is room for everyone in the NDP.

“The New Democrats have championed ideas and values that we cherish as Canadians and Islanders. “I invite islanders from all walks of life to examine their core values and consider if they too might be a New Democrat in spirit.”




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