The Leadership Convention on Saturday, October 13th will be the biggest event in the history of the NDP on PEI.  Delegates will register and carry out leadership preparations in the morning with an early lunch at 11:45am then gather back at the Delta at 12:45pm when the doors will be closed for the vote at 1pm.
Eastlink will broadcast live from the Convention starting at 1pm when the voting starts.  Tom Mulcair will speak during the vote count between 2-3pm.  The new leader will be announced at 3pm with adjournment at 3:30pm.  Either Trevor Leclerc or Mike Redmond will lead the party into the next Provincial Election.
Party organizers are busy preparing for a fundraising dinner at the Delta after the Convention.  Reception at 6 and Dinner at 7pm.  Over 170 people from across the Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will gather to celebrate the NDP both provincially and federally.
Guest Speaker will be Leader of the Federal NDP and Leader of the Official Opposition, Tom Mulcair along with the new Provincial Leader.