FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Charlottetown, PE – (June 22, 2015) – Mike Redmond, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward, Island is calling on Education Minster Hal Perry to explain his comments on CBC Compass Monday night. Perry indicated the teaching cuts were due to declining enrollment and would have no effect on student achievement.

“I have two questions for the Minster: 1. Can he show how he factors class composition? (Are principals, custodians, and guidance counselors factored into his teacher-to-student ratio? And, 2. Can the Minister please explain the formula used to determine the classroom needs of students (including those with behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and English as a second language)?”

Redmond also refers to not one, but two, Gar Andrew reports published in 2003 under the Pat Binns’ Conservatives and in 2009 under Robert Ghiz’s Liberals.  These reports  indicate the government should use the declining enrollment to staff schools appropriately and not cut teachers.
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