For Immediate Release – Charlottetown, PE – (July 11, 2014) The exit of 1,400 workers from the Prince Edward Island workforce over one month as stated in today’s Statistics Canada report is a big concern and may be the start of a very negative trend, according to Mike Redmond, Leader of the NDP PEI.

“If this trend continues then we will have a serious problem. It looks like people cannot take the HST, larger fees and the lowest wages in the country. The workforce is starting to give up. People are leaving. Many others are getting ready to leave. It is not a good situation,” stated Redmond.

Statistics Canada reported that in June the size of the workforce fell from 83,700 to 82,300 workers.

“Over the last year, the monthly job reports have shown a very volatile labour market situation with either job losses or high unemployment rates or both, and now this new and sudden surprise of a huge drop in the number of people in the workforce,” added the NDP Leader.

Redmond has been calling for a non-partisan employment summit to be held next winter.

“We need interest groups, businesses, labour unions, experts, working people and people looking for work to tell us openly what is going on. Let’s have a summit where we can explore the problems and propose solutions. Then in the next election we can have differing platforms and a real action oriented debate on employment and labour market issues. An employment summit is a tangible thing Islanders can accomplish together over the next six to nine months,” concluded Redmond.


Mike Redmond

Leader, NDP PEI


[email protected]