FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE? – Charlottetown, PE – (September 9, 2015)
NDP Leader Mike Redmond has called on Premier Wade MacLauchlan, and MP Gail Shea to explain to Islanders what has became of the 5 million dollar contract  to deliver internet to rural Prince Edward Island.
“Islanders deserve answers, a 5 million dollar request for proposal (RFP) closed in December was due to be awarded in March and still we have no information on who won the contract,” questions Redmond.
The Conservative Party of Canada has been making announcements of rural broadband all across the Country leading up to the election call. Over 165 million dollars of a supposed 325 million dollar internet contract has already been awarded. PEI had several Island firms bid on the contract, one in which Industry Canada declared the winner, and later recanted. The Island contract was to deliver internet across rural PEI and was valued at 5 million dollars.
“We want the Premier of PEI and MP Shea to come clean. Was the contract awarded to Explorenet, a company out of Quebec, yes or no?” asks Redmond.
Redmond also believes that the winner of the contract may not have submitted a RFP on time, or at all. “We want answers, we have Island companies that had supplied a timely RFP and yet were not awarded a contract. This means that a company out of province, that has no interest in serving the Island, has been handed this contract. Jobs that could have helped grow our Island economy have bypassed Islanders, again. We deserve to know the truth, and why these so-called deals happened without proper process.  It is difficult enough to make living on PEI, let alone when there appears to be political interference as high as the PMO’s office,” concludes Redmond.
Mike Redmond
Leader, NDP PEI