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MONTAGUE, PE – NDP Leader Mike Redmond announced today that he will reduce the provincial small business income tax rate to the lowest in Atlantic Canada. “Small business people are the backbone of ...

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Advance Polls

You have 4 opportunities to make a change.
Election day is May 4 but you can cast your vote on any of the three advance poll days.

Saturday April 25th
Monday April 27th
Friday May 1st

You can help the NDP PEI make this a historic election by donating.

  • Vote for cleaning up government
  • Vote for making the economy work for you
  • Vote for quality, accessible healthcare
  • Vote for investing in people
  • Vote for protecting our environment
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Spread The Word

In this election, Mike Redmond and the NDP team are offering PEI a positive choice and a five-point plan of action to make this a better place for our kids to live in.
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